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Monday, March 01, 2010

In Memory of Jo Opie

We are very sad to announce that our dear friend and Feminists Against Censorship colleague Jo Opie has died. An early supporter of Gay Pride, Jo joined FAC in 1990 and was active up to date. Founder of Islington MIND, Jo worked there as a volunteer until she became ill in August of last year and played a major role in their continued development, including co-founding the organisation's Crisis Line, serving on planning groups for local mental health retreats and presiding over a major drop-in facility.

Jo was also a member of Women in Prison and, in 2006, contributed to an enquiry into Deaths in Custody and Bereaved Families in the Corston report.

We will miss Jo very much and always appreciated her liberated and refreshing approach to relationships, freedom and feminism.

If you have any anecdotes or publication details you can share related to Jo as a person, her life, work or her anti-censorship, feminist and LGBT activism, please send them over to facnews at googlemail dot com or comment here.