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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Feminist Fightback conference agenda

Feminist Fightback is a one day activist conference, initiated by Education Not for Sale Women, for anyone interested in the struggle for women's liberation. The conference is on Saturday October 21, at the School of Oriental and African Studies, Russell Square, London. Nearest tube stops are Russell Square, Euston and Goodge Street.

Speakers include Abby Lee, author of the "Girl with a one track mind" blog on feminism and sexual expression; sacked Gate Gourmet workers; NUS Women's Officer Kat Stark; International Union of Sexworkers; Organisation of Women's Freedom in Iraq; Scottish Socialist women on sexism on the left; health workers on low pay and abortion rights; and many more...All day: stalls, exhibition on Grunwick strike, creche

12-12.40pm Opening plenary: International solidarity for women's liberation Organisation of Women's Freedom in Iraq; Azar Sheibani, Iranian women's rights activist; Women of Zimbabwe Arise (invited); ENS Women.

12.45-1.45pm Session 1 a) Sex workers organising for their rights Speaker: International Union of Sexworkers b) Trans liberation Speaker: Joanna Stuart; Beaumont Society c) Asian women's struggles Speaker: Amrit Wilson, South Asia Solidarity Group; Faz Velmi, TGWU activist

1.45-2.25pm Lunch Showing of 'Stand Together', film about Grunwick struggle, 1976-8

2.25-3.25pm Session 2 a) Building campaigning women's groups. Speakers: Sussex Uni women's group; Kat Stark, NUS Women's Officer b) Challenging sexism on the left, building a socialist feminist labour movement Scottish Socialist Party women; Jean Lane, author of "Women in a 'man's job': experiences of a woman building worker and trade unionist" c) Feminism without borders: trafficking, asylum and immigration rights Speakers: No Borders network; refugee speaker; Carys Ofoko, Close Campsfield campaign

3.35-4.35pm Session 3 a) Low pay, equal pay and women workers' struggle Amrit Wilson; Marsha Jane-Thompson, Unison London young members' convenor; Maria Exall, CWU; Lorna Campbell, PCS Equalities Officer b) Feminism and sexual expression Speakers: Abby Lee, author of “Girl with a one track mind” blog; Feminists Against Censorship; Backlash; Sofie Buckland, NUS c) Queer liberation Emma Persky, NUS LGBT committee, 2005-6

4.35-4.50pm Break

4.50-5.50pm Session 4 a) Abortion rights campaigning (Women only session) Speaker: Kate Ahrens, Keep Our NHS Public and Unison; others TBC b) Men's role in the fight against sexism c) Film: Bread & Roses, the women's movement in Argentina

5.55-7pm Plenary What way forward for the women's liberation movement? Speakers: Gate Gourmet worker; Cathy Nugent, editor, Solidarity; ENS Women; other speakers Collection for Gate Gourmet workersClosing remarks from Sofie Buckland

Close 7.10pm followed by fundraising social with bands at the Ivy House, 8-10, Southampton Row, London


  • At 8:53 AM, Blogger manyverse said…

    This comment is for the post on ScotsGay magazine and your blog in general as my internet doesn't seem to want to comment on the other posts. Its great to find an organized group of people who are clearly ahead of their time.
    As for the ban, i hate the word 'inappropriate'. Who is to say what is appropriate or not? a magazine being sold in a magazine shop is the most appropriate thing I can think of. Its not as if any children are going to be scarred for life because of a few penis pictures.
    I have written posts on both feminism and censorship that you may find interesting. I am going to make a link to your site. You can find me at http://manyverse.blogspot.com/

  • At 6:25 PM, Blogger Avedon said…

    Thanks, cb wallace. Interesting blog.


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