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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Download the petition

Unfettered is circulating this petition (click to download) to lodge objections to the proposed ban on "violent" or "extreme" pornography. The text reads as follows:

To: the Home Office and the Scottish Executive

It is proposed by the current UK government to criminalise the viewing of certain pornographic material. We, the undersigned have no objection to laws which make extreme violent and dangerous acts illegal, but feel current proposals are too vague and not defined tightly enough to implement fairly.

We therefore oppose government proposals to make it illegal to view these images because:

a) The proposals could lead to hundreds of thousands of ordinary, innocent people being sent to jail and possibly having their names added to the Sex Offender’s Register just because the government doesn’t like what they choose to look at;

b) If it becomes law it will put unnecessary strain on already stretched police resources.

We call on the Government to get out of our bedrooms and abandon the proposed legislation.

We encourage you to download a copy and try to get a few signatures, and forward them on to Unfettered.


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